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Life Coaching

Where Personal Development 

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Do you have a career, family, home, annual vacations (or whatever is supposed to make for a happy life), but it still feels like something is missing?

Are you stuck on a hamster wheel of negative thinking that always seems to pull you down?


Do you get "caught up" in your emotions making things worse than they really are and not knowing what to do about it?​​

Do you hustle through your day, checking off task after task, but still sit down at the end of the day and feel like you didn't really get anything done

Do you find yourself accomplishing goals (that 5K, the new house, get the raise) but never quite feel fulfilled or complete?


Does it feel like your life's slipping away from you, days flying by without moments and memories that make your everyday life beautiful? 

In all of this, do you desire a connection with something greater than yourself, knowing that somehow, through faith, you can have love, joy, and peace. 

Does life feel like something is missing?

Deep Down



Spirit-Centered Life

You are a Spirit, whole and complete.

Waking up every day deeply connected to your personal happiness, moving with purpose, guided by what's most important to you.

Knowing how to use your emotions as guides that help you feel ever-increasingly grounded, centered, and at ease no matter what the day brings you.

Instead of being at the whim of unserving thoughts with every difficult moment throwing you into a spiral of negativity, you are your Spirit's awareness that can shift your perspective to what's most important.

Checking off goals that are meaningful to you, and feeling productive, accomplished, and fulfilled at the end of every day.

Living everyday moments like paying bills, cooking, cleaning the house, running errands, or commuting knowing your life is aligned in your Spirit. 

A life filled with the undercurrent of love, joy, and peace.


Meet Your Spiritual Life Coach

Growing up we don't learn how to handle our feelings or that we can manage and choose our thoughts. Feelings and thoughts are experienced as happening to us rather than something we can guide.  When they are uncomfortable we ignore them or scramble to fix the discomfort. In 2014, I desperately sought help during a transition of divorce and single motherhood. This is when I was introduced to mindfulness and meditation. 


Mindfulness practice was my bridge to spiritual connection and spiritual talents. My life changed. My health significantly improved from chronic illnesses to vitality I could not even imagine.  I also experienced prosperous, loving relationships and financial freedom. I wanted to share with the world what I learned and what our culture doesn't intuitively teach us.  This has led me to Spirit Centered Life Coaching, a partnership that taps into your unrealized potential for a more fulfilled & satisfied life in this unpredictable, busy world.

Hi, I'm Mari Shofner.


Spiritual Alignment

Life Coaching Program

This private one-to-one 4-month experience is founded on a 4-Step Spiritual Alignment Process. You will align in your spirit, clear energy blocks keeping you from growth, connect to your spirit, and co-create results filled with wholeness and completeness.

Capture your spirit-centered goals as your inner compass for decision-making and a direct link to your intuition.

Clear blocked energy. Decultter physical, emotional, and mental blocks keeping you from forward progress.

Connect to what feeds your Spirit. Discover the technique that fills your body with motivation and your life with momentum. 

Co-Create tangible results aligned in your Spirit. Co-create a beautiful life in your present moment while looking forward to a promising future.


(Payment Plans Available)

Align with your Spirit Breakthrough Session

In one session, discover your Personal Desire Statement that aligns you back to your Spirit. Your current what if's, should have's, obstacles, and challenges in life transform into a guiding light at your feet.  You will leave with direction rooted in meaning and purpose. 

Capture your Spirit's guidance. By using your present predicament, you uncover Spirit's guidance for your next best steps.

Clear the mental blocks that derail you from spirit-centered living and distract you from what's most important to you.

Connect to your heart and intuition, feeling in your body the satisfaction and anticipation your spirit seeking self desires. 

Co-Create a personal desire statement as your compass for action steps that co-create a fulfilled, beautiful life.


(with Downloadable MP3 Meditation)

Work With Me


Rachana k.

"Mari is a wonderful life coach and a warm, caring human being!!! Her coaching is profound, highly impactful, and gentle. She has an amazing knack for helping you gain insights and finding your own answers to your issues, and creating breakthroughs that you need to create in the current situation."

Kendell D.

"After a big relocation and not knowing anyone besides my family of five, I was connected with Mari. Mari has a kind and gentle way about her. I have more balance and joy in my life. I have learned to let go of what holds me back and focus on what moves me forward!"

Nancy V.

"Mari guided me gently out of the place where I was stuck. I was able to get rid of unwanted past thoughts that do not serve me and to really believe in myself. I highly recommend Mari. My transformation says a lot about the phenomenal work you will receive from her!”

Megan D.

Mari always had tools and a framework prepared, but we based our sessions on the feeling and energy of the moment. I am so excited and thankful to say that I can now "tame the elephant" (control my negative thoughts when they unexpectedly enter). That has been the greatest transformation. 


The most creative act you will ever undertake

is the act of creating yourself. ~Deepak Chopra

Let's get to know each other with a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call.  We will discuss what brings you to Spirit-Centered Life Coaching and how I can help you.  I coach all over the continental US via telephone or video conference. 

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