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Whether you are going through a life transition or frazzled by daily life, transformational life coaching can help you find solutions with actionable steps that support you. You will no longer feel like you are spinning your wheels, and you will learn how to create balance, happiness, and peace of mind. 




Be-Balanced Life Plan

VIP Day: Define Your Balanced Life & 

How to Accomplish It


Does life feel like it's happening to you rather than having the life you want? Most people who recognize this in themselves usually do not step back and ask, "What do I really want in life, and how can I make that part of my daily experience?"  Your Be-Balanced Life Plan will help you define what you want your life to be like and how to incorporate this vision within your current obligations and roles.  In addition, your Be-Balance Life Plan addresses the emotional scale of your life and how to truly experience the happiness and peace of mind you want. You will walk away knowing how to create the balanced life you want with confidence, decisiveness, and a sense of fulfillment.  Your VIP Day is a retreat from the daily grind and will give you a holistic life plan you can refer to as your compass. Click here for details on your Be-Balanced Life Plan.

One-on-One Coaching    

 Live with Intention Coaching Package

 Starting at $250 per month

This 6-month coaching package will provide ongoing guidance, support, and accountability to follow through with the change you want in your life.  Whether you struggle with relationships, money, busy schedules or tiredness, your coaching intensive will help you not only define the root cause of your stressors but also guide you toward actionable steps that will set you up for happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment. You will receive powerful tools that will help you integrate the changes you want at a realistic, follow-through pace. We will map out your life vision, address your current needs and use processes and mindset techniques founded in modern neuroscience to guide you along the way. Click here for details about your Live with Intention Coaching Package. 

For optimal results, I recommend an initial consultation for your Live with Intention Coaching Package. We can evaluate your unique situation and decide the frequency of your sessions. 

Other Services

Group Coaching, Workshops, & Speaking

If you would like to incorporate life coaching in your business or organization, I provide group coaching, workshops, and speaking. I specialize in mindset techniques founded in modern neuroscience and goal setting rooted in intrinsic values for optimal results. My professional training addresses a wide variety of interests on both personal and professional levels. To discuss details that will fit your needs, book your free consultation or visit my contact page to email me directly.

Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea

Renew & Reset

Breakthrough Session with Life-Changing Tools


Who doesn't want some R & R with peace of mind?   If you often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, indecisive or disorganized, then this breakthrough Renew & Rest Session is for you. We will work together to take a deeper look at your current issues. You will discover underlying causes of your struggles and the know-how to move forward.  The Renew & Reset Session will also guide you toward actionable steps to get the progress you have been seeking.  By the end of your session, you will feel renewed and reset in the direction of the results you desire. Click here for details on your Renew and Reset breakthrough experience. 

"Mari’s confidence and trust in her expertise helped me know I was going to achieve my goals. She guided me gently out of the place where I was stuck. I was able to quickly get rid of unwanted past thoughts that do not serve me and to really believe in myself. I highly recommend Mari. My transformation says a lot about the phenomenal work you will receive from her!”

Nancy Velasquez, RN, BSN

"After a big relocation and not knowing anyone besides my family of five, I was connected with Life Coach Mari Shofner.  I tele coached with Mari twice a month.  Mari has a kind and gentle way about her.  I can trust our partnership.  We have worked together to set goals, celebrate accomplishments and focus on what’s next for me. We have also worked on what is important to me now. I have more balance and joy in my life.  I have learned to let go of what holds me back and focus on what moves me forward!"

Kendell D, Professional Stylist

"I love coaching with Mari! Every session with her always goes very deep. Her presence, compassion, and wisdom has supported me in taking positive steps forward in my work, my relationships, and my spiritual path. I feel Mari is truly an ally in my life and for that I am so grateful!"

Rose Schneider, Sound Healer and Transformational Coach


Schedule Your Free Consult

Let's get to know each other with a complimentary 30-minute consultation.  We will discuss what brings you to coaching, and how I can help you.  You will experience one-on-one coaching first hand.  If it feels like a good fit for you, we can see which coaching package best fits your needs. I coach all over the continental US via telephone or video conference.  I also provide workshops and public speaking in the San Antonio, TX area. Contact me by booking your complimentary consultation, calling me directly or filling out the form below.