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Growing up we don't learn how to handle our feelings or that we can manage and choose our thoughts. Feelings and thoughts are experienced as happening to us rather than something we can guide.  When they are uncomfortable we ignore them or scramble to fix the discomfort. In 2014, I desparately sought help during a transition of divorce and single motherhood. This is when I was introduced to mindfulness and meditation. 


Mindfulness practice was my bridge to spiritual connection and spiritual talents.  My life changed. My health significantly improved from chronic illnesses to vitality I could not even imagine.  I also experienced prosperous, loving relationships and financial freedom. I wanted to share with the world what I learned and what our culture doesn't intuitively teach us.  This has led me to spirituall life coaching, a partnership that taps into your unrealized potential connected in your Spirit for a more fulfilled and satisfied life in this unpredictable, busy world.

Rather than feel like life is happening to you, you can harness the freedom and power of being in your spirit, co-creating a life you love. My Spirit-Centered Coaching Program meets you where you are with a promise of nonjudgement and compassion. Transformational processes are based on mindfulness practices and mindset techniques founded on universal principles and modern neuroscience. Experience ease-paced momentum with spirit-aligned goals rooted in what matters most to you. 

To get started on a Spirit-Centered Life, click here to reconnect with your Spirit, a tool  I personally use to be in my Spirit and hear her wisdom in all circumstances.  This process has transformed my life, and I believe it can do the same for you. 

Hi, I'm Mari Shofner

Spiritual Life Coach

I believe we are spirit with a body, magnificent, beautiful, and capable of realizing our deepest desires.

I believe we have access to our inner wisdom  through conscious awareness in the present moment.

I believe our power resides in taking responsibility for our own life.

I believe we all have the power of choice as a Divine-given freedom. 

I believe what we focus on expands. 

I believe we are meant to love and be loved. 

I believe every misfortune and failure can be transformed into good.

I believe cultivating love and gratitude is an important part of creating a fulfilled life.

I believe the change we want is possible through action aligned with what we value.

I believe everything is energy, including our thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

I believe trust and vulnerability are gateways to happiness.

I believe in authenticity and transparency, of which I aspire as an individual and in my business. 

I Believe

Start doing what's necessary; then do what's possible;

suddenly you're doing the impossible.  ~Francis of Assisi

Let's get to know each other with a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call.  We will discuss what brings you to Spirit-Centered Life Coaching and how I can help you.  I coach all over the continental US via telephone or video conference. 

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