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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching helps guide people to uncover the possibilities life has in store for them. Though the past is touched upon briefly, coaching focuses on the present and the future. Coaching helps people learn and apply life skill sets that are not taught in our modern education system or in the workforce. Some coaches focus on a specific topic or goal, while others will take a more holistic approach to coaching. Coaching does not include mental health care and is not covered by health insurance.

How is life coaching different from therapy?

Both coaching and therapy focus on the mental and emotional well being of clients. Unlike coaching, therapy provides a mental health care approach that can diagnose and treat mental illness. Therapists have social work, psychology or psychiatric degrees. Coaching can be used as an adjunct to therapy but can not be used in place of psychological or psychiatric care.

How do I know life coaching is for me?

If you want more clarity for your life vision, are seeking help through a current situation, or want to improve the life you already love, life coaching can help you. Life coaching will help you address how to discern your priorities, decide on your next steps, and incorporate mindset skills that support you. We all naturally strive for growth, and life coaching guides you with the skills and accountability that will put you on the trajectory of growth you desire while increasing happiness and joy.

How do I pick a life coach?

You want to find a life coach that fits your unique needs.  I highly recommend an initial consultation where you get to know the life coach's style and whether or not he or she feels like the right fit.  You want to find someone who will hold the space for you in a constant state of nonjudgement, safety, and confidentiality. When you find a life coach that helps you express your authenticity with ease and can address your needs with custom approaches that meet you where you are at, you have a life coach that is going to provide an invaluable service. I also recommend finding a life coach who has completed a professional training program that supports coach-specific training and professional standards of coaching. 

How are you different from other life coaches?

My specialty is transformational life coaching. I help you look at the holistic picture of your life as well as find the root cause of your struggles.  Our work together takes a snapshot of your health and well-being, relationships, finances, and vocation as well as time constraints and freedom. This snapshot helps me guide you in identifying the cause of your struggles rather than the symptoms, which gets us to core solutions toward the results you are seeking in your life. My professional life coach training is from Transform Coaching Academy, an International Coach Federation certified program. My training includes mindset processes founded in modern neuroscience and universal spiritual principles that meet everyone at all levels of life.