The Power of Our Words

If there is one singular thing that has changed my life for the better, it is the conscious choice of my words. I have found that how I use words, either in writing, in my mind, or out loud, directly impacts my life in the moment and as a whole.

I was first introduced to the power of my words when I read "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. At the time, this book was an ordinary book for me. I had no idea how much its application would influence my daily life moving forward. Most importantly, the four agreements have become a framework for my personal mindfulness practice.

The first agreement is to 'be impeccable with your word.' So simple, yet a true challenge. In 2015, I started using this in the languaging of my health. There was a time when my health was very poor with no end in sight. I was told there was no cure and, when I was ready, there could be a pain management protocol. I remember the day I finally found a doctor that was straight with me, for it had been a 12-year journey of tests, specialists, and no answers. With this doctor's words, the "hope" that this next test may shine a light on a cure, was released. This may sound like a desperate moment, but ironically it was a moment of peace, for I was finally letting go of the grasping and clinging for news that wasn't coming from this approach to healing.

Rather than resign to the diagnosis of IBS, depression and 'incurable' chronic fatigue for THE REST OF MY LIFE, I believed that there must be a way to heal. Even the day I arrived home from the doctor's "hard truth," inside me was a resounding knowing that there must be another way. I told myself I would try a different approach, and another, and another. I chose that day that I would rather live my life for the betterment of my health regardless of the diagnosis. I would rather try than give up.

And so, this is when I chose to 'be impeccable with my word.' I began to notice the words I used such as

  • "MY fatigue."

  • "MY IBS."

  • "MY depression."

  • "I HAVE a headache."

  • "I HAVE a stomach ache."

  • "I AM sick."

  • "I AM depressed."

  • "I AM tired of being tired."

Even now as I type these examples I can feel my body tense up. However, this was the languaging of my life. Both out loud and in my inner mind. No wonder the perpetual illness was the cloak of darkness stuck to me like a shadow.

What I chose instead, and still do now, was NOTICE my words. I noticed every MY, I AM, I HAVE and started believing there was power in every word I spoke. I decided every word would be proclaiming a truth into my life. I decided I would use

  • MY to proclaim ownership of,

  • I HAVE to be what I possess and want, and

  • I AM to describe who I am as a person and a Spirit.

And so, this was the next version of the YEAR OF HEALTH. Little did I know the journey would mean Mental Choices that impacted what I thought and how I felt. Little did I know that those thoughts and feelings would slowly evolve, every time I caught them, into a new state of being.

The health journey transformed into a journey of creating a fulfilled life from the inside out. I discover the power of my mind, my heart, and my soul. And it all started with one simple mindfulness step: Consciously Choose my Words.

Below is The Power of Our Word, a video recorded upon an inspired moment to share my story of how word choice has made an impact on my life as a whole.

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