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This blog shares with you my personal journey and continued evolution in loving life through the Spirit. What I have learned in this journey, and what is still part of it, is that I need, above all, a connection with my Higher Self. I need to be in tune with God and my Spirit in all the things I do, think, and feel. It has provided for me a foundation for wholeness, completeness, purpose, and meaning. It fills me with unlimited security, trust, love, and awe in my daily life and my unknown future. ​ In this blog, you will find tips on how to cultivate elevated emotions so as to teach your mind and body to elevate your frequency and habit of being be grounded and why it's important implement daily habits you love for personal self-care to gain your energy and power back discover what makes your heart sing and how to incorporate it into your everyday moments create a life vision you can believe in without feeling like happiness and fulfillment are out of reach, chasing one goal after another connect with your Spirit from a place you can trust regardless of your religious or non-religious background be responsible for your energy so as not to be a victim of the energy around you, but rather to own your power in how you send and receive energy What to expect On my journey, I have struggled with the "new age," "new thought," and "woo-woo" that comes up on the internet when I look up my curiosities on personal and spiritual growth. I have spent the last 6 years studying and applying what "felt right" from a place that could also meet my religious and scientific understandings. I have been creating a bridge between my belief systems as they were taught to me and the new belief systems unfolding before me through personal experience. ​ My goal in this blog is to help you bridge your gap on your personal and spiritual journey. If something doesn't resonate with you, listen to it. My greatest intention in this corner of the internet is to create a place of nonjudgement where we can explore the curiosities of our personal and spiritual growth from a grounded place anchored in our personal truths.

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