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What Matters Most

The Foundation for a Fulfilled Life 


Do you find yourself in whirlwinds of "so much to do" or whirlpools of "if only it was better?" 

Do you find yourself feeling like life is happening to you rather than having the life you love?

Do you know your life is wonderful, but still feel a lack of connection or fulfillment?

Rather than experiencing lack, YOU CAN

Align with what matters most, 

Decide what is most important, and

Cultivate a life you love.

Grab the

Connect with what matters most,

the foundation for a fulfilled life.


What Matters Most


Hi, I'm Mari Shofner, Transformational Life Coach.  

After 13 years of struggling with illnesses, I was finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue and told there was no cure modern medicine could provide. I refused to resign myself to a life of no vitality and constant pain. I proclaimed 2013 the Year of Health.  My health journey uncovered skillsets I did not know of and completely transformed my life.  I am fully healed. What I didn't expect along the way was compounded happiness, love, and trust.  This journey led me to life coaching, where I can show up every day helping others discover a fulfilled life.  All is needed is a willingness to take one step at a time from where you are to where you want to be.

Meet Mari

The most creative act you will ever undertake

is the act of creating yourself. ~Deepak Chopra