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90 Days to

Happiness from Within

A Roadmap to Fulfillment & Abundance


Create a

Fulfilled and

Abundant Life?

What if

you could 

do you find yourself FEELING

Overwhelmed by what you don’t have time for, let alone your daily tasks?

Indecisive and not following through with your ideas or dreams?

Demotivated about your steps regarding a change you still haven’t made?

Tired of being tired with no energy at the end of the day?

Disconnected with yourself or those you love, wishing for rich, meaningful time together?

Isolated and yearning for connection with other women just like you?

There is a solution

Welcome to

90 Days to Happiness From Within

You are a giver and know it's time to give and appreciate yourself.


 is for you if ...

You want to develop the skill sets on how to be responsible for your energy and experience more vitality.

You are willing to shift old patterns that no longer serve you to patterns that support you.

You are ready to have clarity on short and long term goals rooted in what matters most to you.

You are ready to take actionable steps in loving yourself and creating a more fulfilled life.


Hi, I'm Mari Shofner, Transformational Life Coach.  

After 13 years of struggling with illnesses, I was finally diagnosed with chronic fatigue and told there was no cure modern medicine could provide. I refused to resign myself to a life of no vitality and constant pain. I proclaimed 2013 the Year of Health.  My health journey uncovered skillsets I did not know of and completely transformed my life.  I am fully healed. What I didn't expect along the way was compounded happiness, love, and trust.  This journey led me to life coaching, where I can show up every day helping others discover a fulfilled,  life.  All is needed is a willingness to take one step at a time from where you are to where you want to be.


Meet Mari


What is 90 Days to Happiness From Within? 

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90 Days to Happiness from Within

 helps you

Define what's most important

Breakthrough what's stopping you from having a life you love, and

Take action that makes all the difference. 

"Happiness from Within" is a self-discovery journey from where you are to where you want to be.  You will learn what to finally do with racing thoughts, overwhelm, indecision, or demotivation.  You will discover just how to start implementing change that will make a difference from a place of compassion, meaning, and purpose.  You get to define what is most important, connect with what matters, and experience life from the lens of what is possible.  

You are meant to have a Fulfilled & Abundant Life.

What to Expect

Welcome Packet

Upon enrollment, you will receive a welcome packet with the

  • Outlined  Curriculum

  • Dates & Times of Sessions

  • Recurring Zoom Link

  • Agreement for Sessions

  • Access to contact me with any questions

Online Classroom

In addition to our zoom sessions, we will have an online classroom. where you can access

  • Your Welcome Packet

  • Zoom link for each session

  • Curriculum handouts

  • Recorded sessions 

Dates for Sessions

Happiness from Within will meet

  • weekly for 12 weeks

  • PLUS have 3 Bonus Sessions 

Group Coaching

You will have the experience of group work where connection to self and healing can be compounded.

Receive support and experience meaningful conversations with others like you.

What People Experience

What's Included


"This group program helped me have more self awareness.  I feel like I found myself. I learned I do not have to be hard on myself or overwhelmed. Being in a group showed me I wasn't alone in my thoughts and feelings. This class can help anyone who may feel lost or doesn't know what to do or how to prioritize."

Mandy B., stay at home mom

"Mari is a wonderful Life Coach and a warm, caring human being!!! Her coaching is profound, highly impactful, and gentle. She has an amazing knack of helping you gain insights and finding your own answers to your issues and creating breakthroughs that you need to create in the current situation."

Rachana Kulkarni, meditation teacher

"Mari is absolutely gifted and skilled when it comes to helping people achieve their goals. She is a genuine person who cares about the well being of her clients, and she truly practices what she teaches. If you are at a point in your life where you're ready to heal, grow and expand your horizons I highly recommend her."

Janie Terrazas, entrepreneur

Module 1 Take stock: discover what matters most

During the first month, we will take stock of where you're at, discover what matters most to you, and take the first steps toward creating a fulfilled life. Through coaching exercises, we'll identify what uplifts your spirit and use this insight as a compass to design goals rooted in joy, vitality and meaningful connections.

WEEK 1: Big Picture Vision

WEEK 2: Set Your Focus

WEEK 3: Take Stock and Take Action

WEEK 4: Connect with What Matters Most

Module 2 mindset reset: Cultivate A Vibrant Spirit

During the second month, we declutter your inner space of what has been holding you back. We get rid of obstacles and energy sucks that are getting in the way of your well-being and from taking effective action. Just as we declutter a home for ease and flow, we make room for a life you love. 

WEEK 5: Compassion for the Inner Critic

WEEK 6: What's Zapping Your Energy?

WEEK 7: Letting Go Gracefully

WEEK 8: Detox Toxic Relationships

Module 3 ReNew you: Create a Fulfilled Life

In the last month, we'll identify your support team and healthy new habits to empower you in moving forward. You will set goals anchored in the vision you have for your life. With daily practice and long-term visioning, you'll gain the momentum you need to create a fulfilled life. 

WEEK    9: Identify Your Spark Team

WEEK 10: Set Yourself for Success

WEEK 11: Fulfilled Living with Meaningful Goals

WEEK 12: Big Picture Vision

Bonus #1: Live q&A integration Sessions

In the last week of every module, we wrap up with a bonus live Q&A exclusively designed to integrate what we have learned.  This will offer you an opportunity to ask questions and receive additional support. 

WEEK 4  BONUS: Live Q & A - MODULE 1 Integration Session

WEEK 8 BONUS: Live Q & A - MODULE 2 Integration Session

WEEK 12 BONUS: Live Q & A - MODULE 3 Integration Session

Bonus #2: Fantastic Future Design Guide

Jumpstart your fulfilled life with the Fantastic Future Design Guide.  To create a fulfilled life, we must train our brains to see that is possible, feel what it would be like, and begin thinking about fulfillment, love, joy, and energy as part of our everyday life.  The Fantastic Future Design Guide will walk you through the steps of creating a life you love. 

Fantastic Future Design Guide - downloadable PDF

Bonus #3: MeditationS Designed for Each Module

Each module is provided with a meditation to increase ease and flow through your transformation process.  These meditations are designed to help tap into your inner wisdom, guiding you toward a deeper understanding of what you want and how it may unfold in your life.  

MODULE 1: Open Heart Meditation - downloadable audio

MODULE 2: Letting Go Meditation - downloadable audio

MODULE 3: Create a Fulfilled Life Meditation - downloadable audio

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What you Gain


less chaos

reliable focus  

more peace and joy


inner guidance


timeless moments

meaningful connections

increased fulfillment

forward momentum

a life you love

Join Happiness from Within Today


90 Days to Happiness from Within

A Roadmap to Fulfillment & Abundance

12 weeks of LIVE Zoom Gatherings once a week

Coaching Exercises for incremental growth on a journey of self-discovery, direction, and meaning

Facilitated conversations to learn mindfulness techniques for increased mental and emotional well being

A safe place to explore and experience a renewed you

Connection and support from a small group of others like you 

Handouts, workbooks, meditations, and other materials to keep for a lifetime

Bonus: 3 Live Q&A zoom gathering for additional support

Bonus: Fantastic Future Design Guide

Bonus: Meditations for Each Module

Looking forward to seeing you in

90 Days to Happiness from Within!

The most creative act you will ever undertake

is the act of creating yourself. ~Deepak Chopra